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Come as you are. Just as you are.

These dresses had their origins equally in my love for the gilded, flowing garments of Italian Renaissance painting and the visual lushness of kitchen packaging castoffs. In process, they became, collectively, an inquiry into beauty, the kind that is not proffered as a mask but shines from what is.

A few of these dresses, and a statement in the form of a poem, are featured in Ovunque Siamo, Volume 1, Issue 2.

starace_rosemary_green moon gown

starace_rosemary_purple gown

starace_rosemary_orange dress

starace_rosemary_two outfits

Red bodice gown by Rosemary Starace

Fallen angel dress by Rosemary Starace

green and gold party dress by Rosemary Starace

Rosemary Starace,

Dress image 2

dress group 1

Rosemary Starace dress group 2

Rosemary Starace dress group 3