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The Annunciation (detail), Rosemary Starace painting

The Annunciation (detail) RS

Below are poems and/or links to recently published work. To the right are links to books and collections of poems, essays, and related material.

Annunciation, Waif, and other work

Annunciation: Sixteen Contemporary Poets Consider Mary
Very pleased to be included in this beautiful anthology published in November 2015 by Phoenicia Press in Montreal, illustrated and edited by Beth Adams.

“A beautiful book that’s more human and personal than religious, in which the enigmatic and universal figure of Mary helps us find common ground.”

Includes poetry by Ivy Alvarez, Rachel Barenblat, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Kristin Berkey-Abbott, Chana Bloch, Leila Chatti, Luisa A. Igloria, Mohja Kahf, Vivian Lewin, Vinicius de Moraes (Natalie d’Arbeloff, trans.), Roderick Robinson, Nic Sebastian, Claudia Serea, Purvi Shah, Rosemary Starace, and Marly Youmans

Cover of Annunciation, ed. Beth Adams, Phoenicia Publishing, Montreal

Waif is published in Antiphon, Issue 14, and here is a link to a recording of me speaking it aloud.

And please see Truck
for several poems in their issue on loss, curated by Anny Ballardini.

Wild animals, come to the porch & other poems

Two poems in qarrtsiluni’s Animals in the City issue, with accompanying podcasts:

Wild animals, come to the porch

Backyard Event

Two poems in 3Elements Review:
The Shortest Distance in Issue 2, Winter 2014
The Astoria Line in Issue 3, Spring 2014

Things that Cats Kill

My poem, “Things that Cats Kill” is published in Volume XXXIII of Blueline, a literary magazine from SUNY Potsdam “dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks.”

No link! It’s print only.
(June 29, 2012)

Blueline cover

On Howard Street

On Howard Street appeared in Orion magazine


I am interviewed about creativity and creative process on the Writing Our Way Home blog, based in Malvern, England. February 17, 2012

“When we give attention to something, whether it be a person or a rock or a situation, it actually comes forward, reveals itself more fully, becomes more perceptible.”

Thirst, Winter Moon, and other poems

Winter Moon and Deep Feeling, appear in the current issue (Volume 5-1, 2011) of Studio, a journal from York University in Canada.

The poem, A Red Sky (with audio recording), appears in the “Worship” issue of qarrtsiluni.

Read and hear Heart’s Desire here. Poem and podcast published in qarrtsiluni, New Classics issue.

I Found I Had Neglected Thirst appears in The Open Issue of the journal Poemeleon, Fall 2011.

“Singular,” “Fifty Grackles,” “Blue Hour,” and three other poems are included in Fieralingue’s Poets Corner.

A Cloister View appears in Fieralingue’s online anthology, 100K Poets for Change.

Confession, poem and essay

Confession and Famous Adoptees appear in the inaugural issue (April 2011) of Poets on Adoption, following an essay by me on “adoption experience and poetics.”

Kind Thoughts

All my girls grew up to be weeds.
There’s the tall one strolling through grass,

she skirts the trees and flirts with sun.
And the one who never leaves the yard,

she studies the bees with her sharp blue eyes.
And the one named rose —they tried to offer her bouquets.

She roams along the seashore and the forest’s edge,
spending her petals on the chance to be enough.

Kind Thoughts originally appeared in Letters to the World (Red Hen Press, 2008)

Baby Heart Song

The arms of the frightening world
will wrap me, and I will live there,
bouncing on the world’s knee,
buoyant on her lap waves—a sailor baby,
hands outreaching from a good ship’s prow.

Oh leaning woman—

of the low breast,
of the salt arms—

carry a baby heart, a baby heart,
carry it across the sea.

Baby Heart Song and Gypsy originally appeared in the March 2008 issue of Thanal.

Other published work:

City Park appears in the May 2008 issue of Thanal.

Elliptical, Neutral Ode, and Severance appear in the main section of Umbrella, Spring 2008.

Crone appears in the “How Divine” section of the same issue of Umbrella.

Singular appears in the Fall 2009 print issue of Lake: A Journal of Arts and Environment. The poem is not online at the journal site.