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Deep space event
Deep Space Event

Rosemary Starace is a poet and visual artist who was born on Saturn and emigrated to earth some time before the age of 11, alone and without parents. As an adoptee and adopter of this planet and its peoples for many earth-years now, she writes simultaneously from the positions of exile and belonging. Her work gives voice to the countless humans and other species exiled by adoption and similar kinds of disruption—as well as to the exiled feelings, thoughts, and dreams that inhabit people, animals, and planets.

One reviewer said of her poetry that it “creates connection” as it “adopts the reader” and “gets at the heart of who we are.”1 Another writes that upon reading and re-reading one of her books, “I feel a tension unknotting in my gut and a weight lifting in my chest I didn’t know was there.”2 And, about her visual work, ”[It] depicts and affirms what it is to be human and, at least in the moment of comprehension, heals the split nature we all share.”3

Starace is grateful for the vast perspectives provided by her unusual interplanetary education. She maintains a connection deep and fond with her home planet, but now prefers earth. Her work has been published and shown widely, here and “abroad.”

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