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Mediterranean Voices

Mediterranean Voices: Ancient Echoes, Modern Lives

A reading and panel discussion that took place at the 2015 Massachusetts Poetry Festival in Salem, MA, USA and again at the Amherst Poetry Festival in Amherst, MA, in October 2015. Proposed and organized by Julia Lisella, with Ellen Goldstein, Cammy Thomas, Theodora Stratis, and Rosemary Starace.

Five women poets from diverse backgrounds explore the insistence and echoes of the ancient through revisionary myth making or through the acknowledgement of Old-World paths and visions in their very modern lives and work. Mediterranean echoes emerge in both the content and forms in the work they present and each poet explores its influence in unique ways: Greek myths unravel and are revised to tell our contemporary stories, deep memories in Italian or Greek American backgrounds surface, ancient landscapes become familiar dreamscapes in the poets’ current lives.

Rosemary Starace at Mediterranean Voices reading, Salem, MA