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This political-spiritual-architectural project began in 2017 with an impossible wish to create refuge for all of the world’s tired and poor, with whom I both empathized and identified. Art, of course, gives one a chance to address the unattainable and non-rational through image-making and contemplation. I soon noticed that my structures felt as much like refugees as they did places of refuge. Made largely of cardboard and other cast-off materials, these house-beings suggested to me that we might find solace and safety within our own broken, defended, worn-out bodies and selves.

This exploration culminated in In-Dwelling, an exhibit/installation of two- and three-dimensional work, held at The Oxbow Gallery in Northampton, MA (now located in Easthampton, MA), for the month of November 2019. Below are photos of some of the individual pieces in the show.
Click here to see installation shots, my statement on the work, and a video of the gallery talk I gave.

R Starace Stilt House 2
Unidentified Dwelling 1

R Starace Stilt House 2
The Red Sword

Waiting for the Moon, Rosemary Starace
Waiting for the Moon (detail)

Rosemary Starace, a large painting, Moon Dwelling
Moon Dwelling, (roughly 52” x 84”)

Rosemary Starace, Tarp, house sculpture

The Pair, Rosemary Starace
The Pair

Trio/Triage, Rosemary Starace

Athenaeum, Rosemary Starace

Slings & Arrows, Rosemary Starace
Slings and Arrows