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The Refuge

This political-spiritual-architectural project continues, in 2018, into its third season. Where can we find solace in the 21st century? What might be our refuge?

R Starace Stilt House 2

R Starace Stilt House 2

R Starace Towers Group

R Starace 2 Green Towers

R Starace Wrapped White Tower

R Starace 3 Cabins w selfsame structure closeup

R Starace 3 Cabins painting, w structure, detail

R Starace 3 Cabins painting with little white house forms

Works in progress:

Tarp and other houses, Rosemary Starace House group silent, Rosemary Starace House group single file, Rosemary Starace Castle street, Rosemary Starace Castle group, Rosemary Starace House group barn ladder, Rosemary Starace House red screen, Rosemary Starace Tall city, Rosemary Starace