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Ghost Moon in A Misty Wood

Moon and Three Planets

Moon Waits Out the Storm

Stars in the Trees

To Each Her Own

To Each Her Own

Moon and Clouds on a Pink Night

Moon and Clouds on a Pink Night

A little hope on a very dark day

On a Very Dark Day

All of the above drawings: mixed media, approx 6” x 6”, 1998.

The Moon Works series examines and revels in the curious relations between earth and sky, tree and cloud, flower and star. It imagines that shapes shift, that one thing is like another, and so offers a glimpse of the constantly changing patterns which permeate and create the structure of our familiar world. The moon, an organizing force, appears in every piece.

The individual pieces were made from leftover fragments of watercolors—splotches arranged in skewed grids. I worked over them with ink, casein and various kinds of pencils. The diffuse, translucent watercolors combine with the precise descriptive quality of the graphic media, forming another curious relationship which echoes the content of the work.